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 Alberto L. Rosario

B.B.A.   M.M.A.

"Personality is the best accessory you can wear"
Roberto Cavalli

Welcome to my CV & Portfolio. Please take a moment to browse my work, skills, and professional experience. It’s my firm belief that a good challenge offers an opportunity to develop and improve, which is why I make a point of seeking out new ones in the professional realm as well as in my personal life. Contact me directly to learn more.

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My Story

I’m an experienced operations and marketing professional based in Miami, Florida USA. Born and raised in the middle of the Caribbean, the first city of America, Santo Domingo. All my life have been based on improving and acquiring knowledge while enjoying live. My work is focused on producing quality work and making a significant impact on my life and the society.  Strongly believe in a communion between environment and profit in every company. I have acquired vast knowledge of the Latin market, which we know is the one with the highest percentage growth today I’m happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my career in order to manage projects through creative problem solving and innovative thinking. I possess a strong eye for detail and can thrive independently as well as in a team environment. With a lot of experience and knowledge, thanks to read, studies and travels around the world. 

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Past Experience

Past Roles

My experience in my field has brought me far, and though I hope to keep growing and developing, I know that I have what it takes to make a real contribution to any company I join. Want to know more about my experience? I hope to have the opportunity to grow and add value to all my clients. Read about my journey right here. Then give me a call or drop me a line so that we can discuss what I can do for you. I am a highly organized and resourceful professional very self oriented, mission oriented.

July 2022 - Present

Marketing Director, Penate Medical Center

Responsible for oversee marketing actions in all our eight (8) centers at Florida. Identifying areas in which our business can improve operations and services monitoring revenues margins, creating and executing Social Media campaigns, developing and managing an excellent marketing budgets. Creating and development our customer services and sales call center. Growing a 25% of new patients enrolled and 15% new locations, and continues growing thanks to our marketing campaigns.

June 2021- June 2022

Operations Director, Moderna Dental

Responsible for Oversee dental offices departments,  Identifying and targeting areas in which a business can improve operation, monitoring revenue margins, Overseeing doctors and employee productivity, Researching and implementing new directives for business growth and prosperity, Developing and implementing guidelines for employee evaluations, recruitment, and promotion. .

January 2015- June 2021

Operations and Marketing Director, Dental American Group


Operations Manager, IDAC Da Vinci Airports

Responsible for Oversee dental offices departments,  Identifying and targeting areas in which a business can improve operation, monitoring revenue margins, Overseeing doctors and employee productivity, Researching and implementing new directives for business growth and prosperity, Developing and implementing guidelines for employee evaluations, recruitment, and promotion. Growing 33% on locations for the company with an annual  income that successfully continues growing for more of 13% continuously thru the years.

Responsible for procedures, authorization and aeronautical permits. Direct supervision of more than 50 employees and technicians for the adequate and secure airport operations. we achieve a category 1 in fasten and efficient  landing and take off airplanes. a  airport fee to airlines at the Punta Cana International Airport and El Catey International Airport Dominican Republic


MAD MAX Expeditions, Co-Owner

One of the nicest and successful Gastro pub-Adventure Excursion Stores in the whole Caribbean area. Pioneer on adventure excursion and extreme sports. With the creation of one of the first mountain triathlon in the area. And representative of the finest sports accessories like SUUNTO.


Caribbean Villages, Food and Beverages Manager

Responsible for the operations and budget of the different restaurants and bars on the Hotel installations. Management of all food and beverages personnel (from Chef to busboys, bartenders and waiters). Processing purchasing orders. Achieving  the highest ranking of satisfaction until get an award from European Chamber of Tourism

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Pontificia Universidad C. Madre y Maestra, — Master in Marketing

One of the most recognized universities in Latin America, with world-class professors, and classes that manage to develop and motivate their students.

This master's degree taught me all the areas of marketing, which I have been perfecting and at the same time learning some new ones.


Pontificia Universidad C. Madre y Maestra,  Bachelor in Hotel Management

A bachelor's degree oriented to the training of highly prepared professionals, with a faculty worthy of an Ivy League, where the quality of education is a constant dedication, with subjects that cover the entire field of hospitality and internships at the level of major tourist destinations

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Other Studies

"Life is a game that changes everyday the rules"
Alberto L. Rosario

-Microsoft Office at Samanel. 

-Hotel All inclusive Management Associate Degree at Universidad APEC

-Associate Degrees at Universidad Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) Santo Domingo in :

* Quality Management

* Management of Technology, Productivity & Change

* Analysis & Financial Management

-Strategic Business Management


- Miami-Dade College, Community Manager Certification

- Google Ads Certificate

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My Skillset

Data Analysis.
Content Marketing.
Project Management.
Campaign Management.
Funnel Management.
Agile Workflow.
Critical Thinking
Decision Making
Enterprise Resource Planning
SEO Knowledge







"The most important thing in communication is to listen to what is not said"

Peter Drucker


  • Strategy planning.

  • Tactics and execution.

  • Community management.

  • Understand how content works on a social web.

  • Optimizing content and technology.

  • Creative mindset.

  • Writing skills.

  • Be on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

"Society moves with the rhythm of our thoughts, so if you want to change society, you must first change your way of thinking"

Albert Einstein

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  1. Leadership. That is one of my best quality, and like a good leader, love to show the way in a form that they can learn.

  2. Communication is the angular key for an excellent project group.

  3. Scheduling. we need to arrange, control and optimize work and projects in the organization process. 

  4. Risk Management. Very often is misinterpreted, but without it, a lot of project will have die before it begin.

  5. Cost Management. This and the ROI are essentials for to consolidate a project

  6. Negotiating. Here it is where my charisma plays an important role.

  7. Critical Thinking. "Don't make decisions when you're angry and don't make promises when you're happy"

  8. Task Management.  is the process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting.

"There are no impossible things, but incapable men" Simon Bolivar

Coffee and a Book

One of my greatest pleasures is to enjoy a cup of espresso coffee with the reading of a good book, it relaxes me and makes me enjoy the wonders of living.

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“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Henry Ford

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